Diode Laser

The System Restore re:move Diode laser is without doubt the gold standard for permanent hair removal.

Working at the optimum wavelength of 808nm, the energy produced is easily absorbed into the melanin pigment of the hair, where it is converted to heat which destroys the hair follicle. The surrounding tissue is unaffected by the treatment as all the energy from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft.

The treatment is safe, stable, controlled and produces excellent (and lasting) results. The performance of the re:move Diode laser is controlled and continually monitored by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It has a large 12mmx10mm square spot head for efficient coverage and fast hair removal. The /system/remove">re:move has a sapphire cooling tip which cools the epidermis to 0 to -4 degrees C, making the treatment comfortable and virtually pain free.

The touch screen interface is straightforward, easy to operate and allows for safe, effective hair removal, all within set parameters. All Fitzpatrick skin types can be effectively treated, but the fastest results are achieved with Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3. Fitzpatrick skin types 4-5 may need more treatments to achieve optimum results.

Our research and experience of using this latest technology shows that Diode achieves much faster and more permanent hair removal than IPL and is safer and more effective on a wider range of skin types.
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IPL uses a broad range of wavelengths to target the melanin (pigment) in hair to destroy it. Applied to clients with darker or olive skin, which have a greater amount of melanin in the skin, the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) can mistake the skin’s melanin for hair and damage the skin surrounding the hair follicle too. This can cause permanent blotching which can get worse when exposed to sunlight.

Using a broad range of wavelengths heat is not only attracted to melanin but also water (present in all cells) which can cause thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

Diode lasers can safely treat a wider range of skin types than IPL. The Diode uses a focused 808nm wavelength, which is the optimum wavelength for hair removal, alongside a powerful contact cooling system – the result being that the hair is directly targeted down to its root, but the skin is protected.

Our experience has shown Diode hair removal to be more effective, and considerably faster than IPL, in most cases, and it covers a wider range of skin tones. Diode is also more comfortable for the customer and easier for the operator to use.

Diode Laser Vs IPL