Radio Frequency

Using System Restore re:shape Monopolar (Hex) Radio Frequency treatment after the Ultrasonic Cavitation forces the removal of the destroyed fat cells and tightens the skin. Heat and radio wave technology from the Monopolar (Hex) handset forces collagen fibres in the skin to immediately tighten and new collagen to be produced. This has an immediate tightening and smoothing effect, which continues after the treatment.
Tripolar and Bipolar Radio Frequency treatment produces an effective non-surgical facelift. The heat and radio wave technology is applied to the face, creating a collagen tightening and renewal process which lifts, firms, contours and decreases lines and wrinkles. The effects can be seen instantly and are lasting.
Our re:shape  is a combined cavitation and radio frequency unit, giving you the perfect solution for body contouring, reshaping, tightening, toning and skin rejuvenation.